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Turner Cube 3D printing

A test cube was developed to push printers to their manufacturing limits. The cube focuses on the testing of stringing and layer adhesion. It is no Generative design part or a print-in-place object, but it is an excellent benchmark for a printer to test if it can print essential parts for projects and to test the efficiency of modifications.

Team Members

Sebastian Seun


It is a cool little project that I use as my test cube to determine if the printer is up to my standards without a bench. This cube was an exercise in 3D modeling as I needed to create a Turner's Cube without constantly making new sections at a time. So I did a clone body and a shrinkage in fusion 360 and joined the two cubes together.


3D Printer

This model is extremely hard to print due to its low surface area at the bottom of the print cube, but the cube's floating cube has challenges to overcome, such as bridging and joining onto skinny pillars. It is also a good test of stringing with particular settings and filaments. This test cub shows that there is a lot of tuning left on my 3D printer with the stringing.

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