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Generative Design Glider Motor Mount

A hyper-optimized motor mount for a self-propelled glider.

Team Members

Kenneth Sebesta

Sebastian Seun


This project was client based from Kenneth Sebesta. The goal was to design a 3D printable motor mount for a self-propelled glider. To do this, I employed a generative design to design a motor mount that created the most optimal shape for his glider.



Designing parts that get the maximum use out of every aspect of its material is necessary for the aerospace industry. Unfortunately, making parts optimal for the aerospace industry requires expensive production equipment. This is because standard components are made of Inconel or titanium. To combat this, we can use generative design to account for the anisotropic material. These unique circumstances make it optimal to create a generative design motor mount.


Generative Design

To create this generative design, I took a previous design from the client and boiled it down to its mating connections. In addition, I had to CAD the obstacle geometry to ensure the generative design program did not change the interfacing geometry. In addition to the interconnected geometry, following the load cases from the FEA for the experimental aircraft is needed load cases on the part to create the most optimal part.



Once the computer creates the model, it still needs to be finished. Therefore, I needed to work with organics to rework the model. This is required to allow for different manufacturing techniques and to optimize aerodynamics.


Structial Analysis

Once the model was reworked, I needed to reapply the load cases as I might have created stress concentrations in the reworked part. This allowed me to simulate pushing the part to fail. From this, I can also measure deflection and increase stiffness via more geometry in bridging. This allowed me to optimize my part and minimize my structural weak points.


Taking on a client-based project was a new type, but overall a rewarding one. It helped develop my communication skills and understand my client's needs. Understanding the problem from the client's perspective and combining it with my insight has allowed me to grow as an engineer and a problem solver when working in a team.

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